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Tv On A Stick

They look like USB memory sticks but they're really TVs, writes Mark Camm.

Devices Put To A Screen Test

As form follows function, TVs, PCs and mobile phones will always be discrete, never mind convergence.

Someone's Junk Is Another's Treasure

FOUR young guys in a couple of station wagons cruise the darkened streets of Brunswick looking for loot. Armed with mobile phones, a welllaid plan and some serious boot space, they're out looking for CD players, TVs, computers ... anything worth a bit of money. It's a scene more

Ast Will Keep Its Focus On Business Markets

AST will refocus on the business PC market and fine tune its supply chain after being absorbed into Samsung Electronics, the computing and consumer electronics arm of the US$87 billion Korean chaebol Samsung Group. Col Rennie, AST's director of operations for Australia and New Zealand, said some